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Samsung HQ Showroom

When Samsung recently moved into their new headquarters in Kista, Stockholm, Creative Technology’s System Integrations team were appointed to install a number of High End displays in their newly built showroom. With unparalleled clarity and colours, the screen setup is an impressive experience for Samsung’s clients, looking to get the best signage alternatives for their business.

”Numerous partners and customers are visiting our fully featured showroom in Stockholm, evaluating the LED screens up as close as they can get. For the LED installation we selected Creative Technology, knowing they always go the extra mile and ensure a perfect result doing our products justice.” - Martin Clarin, Samsung

The installation includes:

1,2mm LED (IF012J) 1920x1080 px, size 2,4 x 1,36m

1,6mm LED (The Wall IW016J) 1920x1080 px, size 3,22 x 1,81m

2,5mm LED (IE025R) with 90 degree corner, 576x864 px, size 1,44m x 2,16m

Photos: Creative Technology

Contact: Fredrik Lyckman, +46 72 244 09 56,

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