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Alice Stenlöf & Bianca Ingrosso Showcast
Live Nation

The podcast Har du sagt A får du säga B, with Alice Stenlöf & Bianca Ingrosso, has over 1,4 million listeners each month and on May 25 it turned into a live “showcast” in Globen, Stockholm. No less than 9 000 fans joined in the arena to experience the show, where several Swedish artists also performed live. We supplied audio, video, play-out, lights, technical personnel and project management for the production.


Light and set design: Fredrik Stormby, Greenwall designs AB

Video design: Greenwall designs AB

Show direction: Jean Baptiste Group

Client: Live Nation

Photo: Stina Stjernkvist

Contact: Pär Klang, +46 70 466 30 90,

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